1.Good and bad

What is good and bad in underwear? Underwear is the basic clothing that is deeply in contact with the skin. Always wear the best, neat and clean underwear from your wardrobe. Clean, dry, fresh and perfect-fitting are the must-have strategies that you should keep in mind when wearing underwear, While the underwear that smells, which is not dried properly is bad underwear. Make sure to wear good underwear and only good underwear can keep the privates healthy, happy and free from infections.

2. Prefer cotton

Cotton is preferred as the best fabric for undergarments and underwear. Cotton helps in breathability. For the Indian climate, there are no other fabrics which can opt for undergarments other than cotton. Cotton also helps to fight against the germs and other bacterial actions of the skin.3. Undergarment Size

Studies show that about 64% of women wear bras with the wrong size. You could find this as strange. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause scarring on breasts and even get sagged. Not just this, wearing tight bras can also hurt your muscles and lead to pain and stress in the back, breasts, shoulder, and neck. Additionally, wrong sized inner wears can also be an obstacle to maintaining correct posture and keeping you uncomfortable. So be careful about the size each time you buy undergarments.

4. Change after Workout

Change your underwear as soon as you are done with your workout session, It’s even better if you change to clean underwear after taking a shower or bath. The sweat and discharge during a workout may lead infections if you keep on wearing that particular underwear for a long time.